How Do You Use Filorga Optim-Eyes?

How Do You Use Filorga Optim-Eyes?

One of the greatest products to hit the market when it comes to health and beauty is Filorga Optim-Eyes, and a lot of people can attest to that. People from all around the world love and adore Optim-Eyes, and in fact, swear by it. But what makes it so special and unique? It was designed and developed by a team of professionals that paved the way for a new kind of skincare that began in a French laboratory in 1978.

Filorga the Laboratory

A revolutionary team of brilliant developers first came into being by creating an extremely successful line of injectable pharmaceutical-grade skincare products. For several years Filorga continued to flourish and grow as respected health care professionals around the world purchased their products for patients. 

After many years of continuing to bring the best products to the professionals that called on them, Filorga chose to take what they had learned and turn it into an over-the-counter solution that could be available to everybody. By strategically encapsulating the ingredients of the injectables, they were able to create a safe, and effective line of skincare products that had the capacity to defy the aging process.

Filorga Optim-Eyes

Filorga Optim-Eyes is just one of many products that are available to consumers that want to look better and feel younger. Women that have used the product have experienced an 83% reduction of dark circles from around the eyes. They have also experienced a 76% reduction in the puffiness that was present around their eyes. Also, people that have used Optim-Eyes have experienced a 76% smoothing of wrinkles.

These are all very high numbers of success, considering that many products that are available on the market today do not work at all and they have a 0% effective rating. It is no wonder why people from all ends of the Earth trust and love Filorga products.

Applying Optim-Eyes

Keep in mind that when you are using Optim-Eyes that it can take up to three days before you will see the full effects of its application. For some people, it will be less, but there are people out there that take longer than others. The main thing is that you give it three days before you completely judge.

When you apply the product you want to be careful not to get any of it inside of your eye itself. This could result in a bit of pain and stinging. Although if it does get in your eye, all you have to do is flush well with water and you will be just fine, but just to be safe, be careful.

To apply the serum to your face start out by holding the container in one of your hands and administering a quarter-sized amount onto the tips of the index and middle fingers of your free hand.

Next, rub some of the solution gently onto the fingertips of your other index and middle finger on the hand so that the tips of your middle fingers and index fingers on both of your hands are equipped with some of the Optim-Eyes.

Once you have a liberal amount of the cream on your fingers gently rub the solution to the areas around your eyes that need attention. There is no need to rush it or be aggressive when you apply the serum. Nice, slow, gentle circular strokes to the soft tissue under and around the eyes work best.

Once you have administered a fair amount of the serum under and around the eyes you can continue to administer the serum to other areas of interest on your face.

Leave the serum on your face and allow it to work its magic until you wash your face the next time. Repeat this cycle two times every day for three days and watch your face become younger.


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