10 Reasons We Love Fine Jewellery

10 Reasons We Love Fine Jewellery

Want to hear from a team of leading handmade jewellery designers what our ultimate style tip is? It has to be that you invest in some fine jewellery.

Fine jewellery is the very backbone of the most covetable accessories’ collections. Whether you choose vintage pieces or contemporary designs, fine jewellery gives you the power to carve your own unique look.

Today we want to enlighten you with the 10 reasons why we love fine jewellery – and why you will too!

Fine Jewellery Adds Some Glamour

Whether you wear a simple pair of gold earrings or opt for something more decadent, fine jewellery is always a glamorous affair. Actually – one of our top style tips is to wear your favourite fine jewellery with a simple combination of jeans, tee-shirt and your best boots. It’s effortlessly chic and radiates fashion confidence.

Fine Handmade Jewellery Is Crafted with Love

Handmade jewellery producers put a lot more love and consideration into the creation process than mass-produced equivalents. You might even consider that a piece of the designer’s soul goes into the piece! Always talk to your jeweller and gather their thoughts. They might tell you a story behind that onyx necklace that makes your heart stop!

It Makes a Terrific Gift

If you decide to gift that special woman in your life with some fine jewellery, she knows you’re a keeper. Furthermore – it is a gift that your family members and your best friends will also cherish. It shows that you’ve invested a little bit more thought and care into your gift choice and wanted to treat them to something more valuable.

You can add a Personal Touch

Leading on from that, one of our most favourite things about fine jewellery is how customisable it is. A bespoke piece of fine jewellery is a splendid gift! You can personalise a piece with either a message, precious gemstone or charm. In addition to engagement and wedding bands, you can personalise some birthstone jewellery for a special gift.

It can be Formal or Casual

When it’s time to don your most luxurious ball gown, you want to compliment your look with something equally deluxe. And that’s where fine jewellery makes its appearance! However, you should never limit it to formal occasions! Fine jewellery can be worn during the day as well. A simple onyx necklace will make you look poised and professional and give your outfit a boost.

It Commemorates Life-Changing Events

If you are investing in wedding rings or commemorating a unique occasion or birthday with birthstone jewellery, then you will need fine jewellery. This is the best quality for your purchase and ensures that the recipient will treasure it for many years to come. Every time they wear the piece, they’ll remember the moment when you handed it to them and what the jewellery symbolises.

Fine Jewellery isn’t Exclusively Gold

When you consider fine jewellery, you might automatically assume that we’re talking about gold jewellery. But, in fact – sterling silver also counts. And don’t forget that gold itself comes in a variety of tones, ranging from rose gold rings to white gold earrings and yellow gold necklace chains. That’s one of the other reasons why we love fine jewellery – the possibilities are immense!

It’s Hypoallergenic

Fine jewellery is made from high-quality metals. As such, the pieces are far less likely to cause any skin sensitivity. Cheaper jewellery is made from alloys such as nickel which is notorious for triggering skin reactions and irritation. When shopping for fine jewellery, ask your jeweller about the alloys in the piece you have your eye on.

Fine Jewellery will last a Lifetime

Jewellers use solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, and/or other valuable metals to produce fine jewellery. This strong composition means that fine handmade jewellery is far more long-lasting than regular fashion jewellery. With the correct love and care it will not tarnish and nor should it break.

If Broken, fine Jewellery can be Mended

But – if the worst does happen and you chip your ring or snap your onyx necklace – it can be rectified. That’s because the quality is higher and makes repairs far more straight-forward. Contact your local boutique and they will work their magic.


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