Get Fresh Summer Skin with Jowae

Get Fresh Summer Skin with Jowae

Jowaé features a harmonious craft of French expertise and ancestral secrets of the South Korean skincare. The skincare brand is made using natural ingredients and focuses on restoring the beauty of your skin, Jowaé skincare products contain no parabens which provides harmony to the user`s skin, and 99% natural ingredients are used to make Jowaé.

The French beauty brand uses antioxidant Lumiphenols from Sempervivum Tectorum, a succulent-type plant. This helps the skin to maintain its natural balance and radiance. Jowaé skincare products will help re-establish the vital balance that results from pollution, climatic change, stress, fatigue and other daily aggressions that affect the look on your skin.

In this article, we feature different Jowaé beauty products, highlighting the unique qualities, while illustrating the importance of each to your skin. Lets rock and roll!

Jowaé Revitalizing Moisturizing Lotion

The French beauty product contains bamboo water and antioxidant lumiphenols. Bamboo water contains a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. The beauty product also contains sunflower oil that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants essential for preventing sun damage. It is a perfect choice for moisturized skin and helps to revitalize normal and dry skin. The Jowaé Revitalizing Moisturizing Lotion comes with milk moisturizer helping tone the body. It also has a delicately perfumed texture that quickly penetrates the skin leaving a soft feeling. Use Jowaé Revitalizing Moisturizing Lotion for toned and luminous skin. Featuring 97% natural ingredients, Jowaé Revitalizing Moisturizing Lotion is clinically approved and tested 100% paraben free.

Jowaé Nourishing Dry Oil

Featuring camellia oil and other antioxidant lumiphenols, Jowaé Nourishing Dry Oil is a perfect recommendation for dry and sensitive skin and used for body and hair. The beauty product is made using 99% natural ingredients helps to nourish and comfort the skin. Use Jowaé Nourishing Dry Oil for a softer, sublimated and suppler skin. Jowaé Nourishing Dry Oil is Paraben free and contains no minerals and no animal origin ingredients. It is used for nourishing the skin, ensuring evenness on sensitive skin. The beauty product can be used on hair as often desired.

Jowaé Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream

This Jowaé skincare product is a perfect anti-aging cream used for the dry skin. The Jowaé Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream helps to unite the powerful and energizing ginseng extract with hyaluronic acid for correcting the wrinkles as well as boosting radiance. It re-energizes the skin making you ready to face the day. The Jowaé Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream features stimulating properties and will deeply reduce wrinkles helping the skin look more radiant and younger. Use the anti-wrinkle cream for a firmer and visibly younger-looking smooth skin.

Jowaé Soothing Repairing Balm

The deeply moisturizing body and face cream is made using 99% natural ingredients. It is good for soothing severe aggressions like dryness / dehydrated areas, and tiny cracks or chapped skin. The Jowaé Soothing Repairing Balm leaves you feeling comfortable, ensuring soothed skin and protecting you all day. It is a perfect match for normal and dry skin, as well as sensitive skin type. The Jowaé Soothing Repairing balm contains Centella asiatica, an ingredient that promotes the production of collagen and helps to reduce inflammation and scarring. It also contains hyaluronic acid delivering a long-lasting skin moisturizing effect. Massage Jowaé Soothing Repairing Balm while focusing on dry skin for better results.

Jowaé Hand And Nail Nourishing Cream

If experiencing dry or damaged hands, Jowaé Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream is a perfect solution. The deeply moisturizing hand cream also helps to remove nail cuticles helping to repair nails. Containing 96% natural ingredients, the Jowaé Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream is good for normal to dry and sensitive skin types. It contains Camellia oil that helps to soothe the skin while smoothening the rough patches of skin and locking moisture into the skin. the Jowaé Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream also contains Shea butter helping in cell regeneration and for softening the skin hence reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Massage Jowaé Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream as often as needed for the effects to be realized.

Jowaé Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting

Containing white tea extracts, Jowaé Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting contains high-level antioxidants that help to protect the skin by enhancing the immune system. The beauty product is an anti-dark spots corrector and it is suitable for different skin types, including the sensitive skin. the Jowaé Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting contains antioxidants that help boost radiance while protecting the skin against daily aggressions. It is suitable for ages 10 and above.

Jowaé Cleansing Micellar Water

The Korean inspired cleansing water helps to remove all impurities and makeup. The Jowaé Cleansing Micellar Water is gentle on all skin types and contains imperial peony, hence the soothing properties. The Jowaé Cleansing Micellar Water contains an emollient complexion leaving the skin gentle and looking fresh.

Jowaé features a perfect Franco-Korean synergy. The skincare brand is known for the amazing benefits thanks for the 98% natural ingredients inspiration. Jowaé comes with a nice scent, quality, and perfect smell while leaving you feeling fresh all day long.



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