How an Eyeglass Chain Holder Can Save Your Specs

How an Eyeglass Chain Holder Can Save Your Specs

Today more people than ever wear glasses and not necessarily because they can’t see. With so much time spent online, especially during the pandemic, blue light exposure is a big deal. It’s causing headaches and eye strain like never before.

Wearing glasses suddenly means you have something else to keep track of every day and every minute of the day. If chasing your glasses down everywhere seems annoying (we agree), add an eyeglass chain holder to your wardrobe and put the worries behind you.

The right chain will save your sanity and your glasses, here’s how.

You’ll Always Know Where your Glasses Are

We know the frustration of not knowing where your glasses are – you swear you left them on your desk, but now you’re wasting time looking everywhere to find them. 


Eyeglass chains keep your glasses where they belong – on your person. Now we can’t help you if you still ask ‘where are my glasses’ yet they’re around your neck. We’ve been there too, trust us.

You Won’t Step on your Glasses (or Sit on Them)

If you’ve ever heard the ever-loving ‘crunch’ after you sit down and remember ‘oh that’s where I left my glasses’ you know the frustration. Now not only are your glasses lost, but they are broken too.

When they’re around your neck you don’t have to worry about them getting broken because you can’t sit on something that’s around your neck.

You Won’t Play with Them

If you fidget, you are our people – we do too, but fidgeting with your glasses isn’t good. Twirling them in your hands, biting on the ends, or throwing them on top of your head isn’t good for your glasses. They’ll stretch, crack, and weaken.

When you have an eyeglass chain holder on them, you’re more likely to find something else to throw up in the air and twirl around, we suggest choosing something a little less expensive than your glasses. 

You Won’t have to Buy New Glasses

If you’ve ever given up on finding your glasses and bought a new pair only to have the old pair show up, we feel you. It’s a frustrating feeling especially since glasses aren’t a cheap investment. Even if you buy a ‘cheaper’ backup pair, it still costs money – money you could save for other things if you just had an eyeglass chain to wear around your neck.

An Eyeglass Chain Holder can Hold Sunnies Too

Don’t forget about your beloved sunglasses. Celebrities are rocking the eyeglass chains on their sunglasses up and down the runway. Aviators, oversized glasses, and cat eye sunglasses all have hit the runway with gorgeous chains around them.

Consider them not only a way to hold your glasses, but a fashion statement. If you’re all about the trends, you’ll want in on this trend that’s reminiscent of your grandma, but in the trendiest way possible – trust us.

You’ll Save Your Sanity

Finally, eyeglass holders save your sanity. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your glasses and wasting time. Whether you’re rushing to an important business meeting, need to help your kids with online school, or just need to see, your glasses should be within reach.

With our busy lives, it’s so easy to set something down and not think about it. Constantly retracing your steps is annoying and a waste of time. Plus it causes more panic when you can’t find them right away.

Instead, invest in eyeglass chain holders to keep your glasses where they belong. Don’t worry, they are trendier than you think, especially in today’s designs. Large chunky chains or thin delicate chains are just a few of the options you have. Match them to your glasses or choose a contrasting color or design and not only will you be able to see, but you’ll also be the trendiest chic on the block.


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