What Is A Facial Face Toner And What Are Its Benefits?

What Is A Facial Face Toner And What Are Its Benefits?

It is one of the fundamental products that you must have for efficient facial care and is that among other benefits; it reduces the oil on our skin and eliminates possible bacteria

If we want to boast of a perfect and unique face, we must faithfully follow a key daily cleansing routine in which three steps are essential: wash, tone and hydrate. In most cases we simply focus on hydrating our skin and of course on using a myriad of cleansers to leave the skin smooth.

However, What About The Second Step?

Toning the skin is a step that we normally skip and it should not be this way as it is very important since it helps to deeply cleanse the skin of oils and bacteria. To perform an efficient toning of our skin we will need to go to tonics, products that are also often much forgotten, mainly because it is unknown what exactly they are as well as what their specific function is.

Here we tell you all the details about facial face toner, those cosmetics that will give your skin a unique freshness.

What Is It?

Essentially the tonic is a product similar to creams but something more liquid, which you can find with good offers, and which also has a clear function, to maintain the neutral pH of our skin, that is, the degree of acidity. When we wash our face with water, we normally bring a pH of 7 to our skin, so it is essential just afterwards as a second step to apply a face toner, and thus return the pH 5.5 that our skin normally has. This is important since the lower the pH, the more acidity we will have in the skin and therefore we will be less prone to being attacked by viruses and bacteria, since they tend to attack the skins with a higher amount of pH.

It is basically a product that helps to deeply cleanse the face thanks to the fact that it is an excellent astringent and exfoliator of the skin that brings freshness to your skin. Of course, you cannot use any type of tonic but you must do it depending on your skin type, although as a general rule it is recommended that none include alcohol as it dries excessively.

Thus, in the event that your skin is dry, you should look for a moisturizing tonic, if it is only one that helps reduce excess oil, and finally if it is a mixed one. They are especially useful for fighting acne and wrinkles, removing makeup, and essentially cleansing the skin, keeping it young and fresh.

You can use it at any time, although it is best to do it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and especially after doing outdoor activities, as this is when the face comes into contact with greater amount of bacteria and dirt. After using it, you can apply your daily moisturizer, as long as it has dried. To apply it, use a cotton ball with a little skin toner and move it gently all over your face while applying pressure with your palms on the skin.

What Are The Advantages?

As a cosmetic product, it offers endless advantages as it provides us with a healthy face, refreshes, and hydrates and tightens the pores, balances the pH of the skin, regardless of the product used previously, and also prepares it for subsequent cosmetic treatment. On the other hand, it also increases the blood flow to the area in which we have applied it, and revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin tissues.

In addition, thanks to its texture and the aroma it gives off, it will be as if you were applying perfume and some can even be used on makeup without noticing anything. It is suitable for removing excess shine from the face, reducing pore size, unifying skin tone, and reducing redness and irritation, among others. Especially for men it is very useful as a substitute for after shave.

Undoubtedly options get from KORE Skincare Australia and a tool that cannot be missing in your toiletry bag and with which you will get a young, clean, fresh and perfect face.


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