5 Ways You Can Reinvent Long Prom Dresses Without Looking Like A Wanna Be

5 Ways You Can Reinvent Long Prom Dresses Without Looking Like A Wanna Be

The beginning of summer brings with it the last week of classes. The most critical days for students who want to share with their classmates, but also for those lucky freshmen who receive the golden ticket and, for that reason, it is up to choosing the ideal outfit. For this, it is essential to bear in mind that, although it is a school celebration, it is also a triumph of fashion that will define the last first impression you leave (or for the following years if you are a freshman).

If you don’t already know what to wear so as not to look like a portrait from the previous year events, here are some event details that will give you new ideas to refresh your looks in these last school days.

The Tradition

Despite being a week of essential activities such as the last football game of the season, the campfire, saying goodbye to the teachers and laugh with your classmates, it is important to remember that it is a gala event; designs should be much more sophisticated and glamorous than the homecoming week was.

As for the party, we could say that the ideal look is the “full etiquette”, so the long dresses for the night are a must. In this sense, since the event will be held takes place at night when it is still considered spring, resorting to a model by the knee, above or midi can also be another good option, whether they are two-piece long prom dresses, with a tale or unsuspected possibilities (like jumpsuits). Continuing with the advice that Resource Magazine gives us inspiration for the best prom looks, let’s start with our list:

  • Long prom dresses in pink with metallic finishes full of texture, extracted from collections of prom dresses by big brands like Jovani. With an asymmetrical and flattering cut, they break the ice thanks to features such as fringes on the bottom giving a flamenco touch to the dress; You can also choose a model with a V-shaped back neck and complement it with a belt that marks the waist; they turn any piece into a stunning and eye-catching gown.
  • Another option that brings us Jovani Fashion are the dresses in a classic cut, fitted, with a slice in the back that gives a sensual touch. What we like most about this type of models is the paisley pattern that provides the element we need to dazzle the prom party.
  • A new-age touch, alternative and carefree, don’t subtract a bit of elegance to this type of events. What’s more, light designs and nude illusions are always fantastic. Fixed but informal. Chic for the best party of the year.
  • If we dare with something more striking, dresses with boxy sleeve cupro are perfect. V-necklines, pronounced, but matching the upcoming summer. Cool, elegant and sensual. Also, opt for shades like sequins that are not that mainstream as for someone to copy your model.
  • If we want something more discreet, you can choose dresses with embroidery and bell sleeve; they are spectacular. They look good on any girl – to disguise imperfections, and if you want pieces in black, you will look very sophisticated and sensual. Besides, you have it available at affordable prices. What else could you ask for?

The complements

On the other hand, the bags and jewelry give the final touch to any outfit, so they must follow, to some extent, the line of everything discussed above. The bags, on the other hand, can be of the clutch type. The jewels should not be excessively large and striking.

As for hair, the same. While the loose and natural hair, disheveled ponytails or braids with a bohemian air will be ideal, the perfect bows and the collected ones will be entirely In. If you don’t know which option to choose, go for some beautiful natural waves, and you will surely get it right.

And now that you know the tips for that last day, if you go just for fun, remember that, even if you don’t get chosen as the prom queen, you can be the one who reinvents the prom outfits. Smile a lot and enjoy the event, because that’s the best way to go beautifully.


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