How Foot Detox Pads Work

Foot detox pads might look a little strange at first to some people. These large white pads on the bottom of one’s feet might look a bit silly, but they are actually very beneficial and helpful when it comes to improving one’s health. Foot detox pads work to help draw out and remove harmful toxins from your body which could be causing you to feel sick and tired. If you’re interested in learning some more about these items, keep reading. Below you’ll find some more information about how foot detox pads work.

What are Foot Detox Pads Made Of?

Foot detox pads are made of various ingredients, all of which are natural. Usually, they contain a soft pad which is filled with things like mushrooms extract, tourmaline, bamboo vinegar, and apple cider vinegar. All of these ingredients are well-known for being excellent ways of detoxing one’s body naturally.

How to Use Them

Putting foot detox pads on is a simple process. All you need to do is take the pad out of its packaging, peel the paper off of the adhesive part of it, and then stick the padded side of it on the bottom of your feet. You can then secure it to your foot by pressing the sticky adhesive around the edge of it on your skin.

After doing this, wait for a bit, usually overnight, before peeling the pad off. You’ll then see some colors on your pad showing the different type of toxins that were pulled out of your body by the foot detox pad.

Interpreting the Detox Pad Colors

As mentioned above, when you peel the foot detox pad off of your foot, you’ll find that it usually has some strange color combinations on it. While this might be a little concerning at first, it’s actually a helpful way for you to determine the type of toxins that were in your body. For instance, black/brown colors show toxins that were pulled out of your liver. A yellow color indicates that the foot detox pad pulled toxins out of your kidneys and bladder.

Another color you might see is a light orange. Orange usually shows that the pad went to work drawing out toxins in your joints. You might also see a deep green color which is a sign that your gallbladder has been detoxed.

Because foot detox pads have these color indications, it will be easier to help you see the type of toxins your body tends to have. This can help you to better avoid them as well as working to help prevent them from ever entering your body.

Foot detox pads are an excellent way to help detox your body naturally. The information above dives a bit into what these items are so you can use them without worries. If you’re looking to help better heal your body and keep it free from toxins, definitely consider using foot detox pads. They work to not only draw toxins out of your body, but ensure you stay healthy.



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