Brad Roemer Looks at Reasons to Study Abroad

Brad Roemer Looks at Reasons to Study Abroad


If there is one thing that Brad Roemer Real Estate regrets in his life, it is the fact that he never studied abroad. Studying abroad is by far the best and most beneficial experience in the life of a college student. By studying abroad, you afford yourself the opportunity to study in a foreign country and see how people in that land live. Some of it can be shocking, but other parts of it can be surprising. What we mean by shocking is the way they do things that you don’t do in your homeland. What we mean by surprising is surprised that they do things exactly how people in your homeland do it. We look at different countries and we never realize that when it comes to some things, we do them the exact same way. This is a welcome surprise.

More Reasons

On top of trying to see how other countries live their day to day lives, we have thought up a few more reasons that you may want to consider studying abroad for at least a year in your college years. So, if we have piqued your interest, continue to the list below.

  1. See the world – There is no reason that a person should be born in a place in this world and never have the opportunity to see other parts of the world before they die. We are not living in a time where travel is expensive or hard to find. Quite literally, anywhere that you want to go can be an option. So, take the opportunity while you have your health and go see the world. Studying there is just an added bonus. You may even find yourself thinking differently once you do.
  2. Education style – On the back of the thinking differently that we mentioned above, you may find that the education that you get in a foreign land is quite different than what you learned back home. Every country has their way of telling a story, but when you go to other places you hear different versions. Like with any story, most tellers find a way to make their side sound good to them. Somewhere in the middle is where the truth of the story is.
  3. Culture – Every country has a different cultural style. It is really neat to see how things are frowned upon in different cultures. Take, for example, eating and walking. While you can go to almost any major city in the United States and find people eating and walking down the street, it is very much frowned upon in Asian cultures. You can eat on the street, you just don’t walk while you are doing it.
  4. Language -You will get an opportunity to learn another language. This will make you more marketable in the business world and also allow you to communicate with other people. Speaking multiple languages is a blessing. The younger you are when you learn it, the easier time you will have.


If there was one thing that you could take away from the advice of Brad Roemer it would have to be, don’t be afraid to try something new. Get out there and get your education and have a little bit of fun doing it.


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