Handy Discusses Heating Your Home with Wood

Handy Discusses Heating Your Home with Wood


Handy wants to know how you warm your home in the winter. Do you use wood, electric, oil, or pellets? Now, what if we told you if you didn’t answer wood that you were wrong? For years, we have been servicing people’s homes and we have found the best heat is wood. While that may not be a popular opinion these days, it doesn’t make it any less true. While we do have cleaner ways to heat the home, very few can compare with the heat provided by wood.

Warming with Wood

In the list below, we are going to give you undeniable proof that the best way to heat your house is the same way the people that first came to this country heated their dwellings – with wood. If you are even slightly interested in reviewing our arguments, we encourage you to read on.

  1. Makes you self-reliant – If you are always tired of the electricity going out or having to call a serviceman to make your house warm, then you will love this way. Every year, thousands, if not millions, of homeowners venture out into the woods and bring wood home. While you will need to have a permit to take trees from State or National land, you could get the wood from your own land. In fact, many homesteaders do this every year. Not having to rely on others to keep your home warm is a great feeling.
  2. Support the neighbor – If you are getting up there in age and have no other means to get the wood, you will have to rely on someone to bring you wood. Generally speaking, there is no major company anywhere that will bring you loads of wood. This is usually a neighbor that is looking to supplement his or her income to make ends meet. You will help them achieve that by burning wood.
  3. Warmer – That’s right, we said it, this way of heating your home is leaps and bounds warmer than any other method. Additionally, you will find that it is much faster to heat the home too. When you turn on the heat at your house, you need to wait for the unit to recognize that you have turned it on, then it needs to see if the temperature is above the setting you have requested, and then it comes on. In that amount of time, your wood burning stove is already putting out heat and you are getting warm.
  4. Saves money – Even if you have to buy it from your neighbor, the cost for a cord of wood is much cheaper than the closest alternative. In fact, you could probably buy 2- or 3-years worth of wood for the same amount you are currently heating your home for.


When we at Handy walk into a house to clean it, we can instantly tell that the house uses a wood stove. The feeling of the wood heat is just not comparable to any other form of heating your house. We hope we have convinced you to heat your home with wood this winter.


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